Caleb Stenzinger is a writer and founder of TheLanx.com, a news source for satirical content. He is a scholar of satire with a Master’s focused in satiric rhetoric, satirical literature, propaganda, and political cartoons. He also studied sketch comedy and improv at Second City and UCB.

Phone: (815) 450-8624
Email: cstenzinger@gmail.com


Comedy Writing

UCB Sketches

Nutcracker Dads – Two Chicago dads cheer on their daughters in the Nutcracker. (4 pages)

Our Town Is Not About Our Town – Community theatre audience members are surprised to discover the local production of “Our Town” is not about their town. (4 pages)

Second City Sketches

Killer Robot Doesn’t Want To Kill – A newly sentient robot killing machine realizes he’s a pacifist. (5 pages)

Space Baby – Two astronauts on a ten year journey through space realize they have to raise a child together. (8 pages)

TV Spec Scripts

Brooklyn Nine-Nine spec – Jake and Amy compete to see who can stay handcuffed to the other the longest. Meanwhile, Boyle and Gina babysit, and Rosa prepares a speech. (35 pages)

Ten Minute Plays

Catfish Isn’t Kosher – Winner, Audience Award (KVTA 10-Minute Play Festival) – Tessa and her mother, Mildred, both invite men from the internet over to their house for a double date, but the men who show up aren’t what they expect. (10 pages)